Our Fearless Leader

Our director, Dan Falcone, has been a member of the North Country Chordsmen since 2003, and started directing us since 2007. His enthusiasm for our craft is infectious. Dan also sings with the Fast Track quartet which finished 4th in their last contest. Dan’s versatility has been demonstrated by his ability to sing any of the four parts, which he has done in various groups.



Dan and his wife Meg, a veterinarian, have five daughters Hannah, Ella, Claire, Norah, and Paige. Their farm in Plainfield NH is also home to three dogs (Foxy, Kipper, and Louie), two cats (Chloe and Pingu), alpacas, chickens, and a flock of Shetland sheep.





Dan has taught chemistry at Hanover High School since 2002. He likes to reinforce the periodic table with song.



Dan in Sound of Music




Dan  enjoys acting in local musical theater productions, his last role was that of the Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music. He also sings in the Fast Track quartet.



When not teaching school, raising five daughters, managing a farm, directing the North Country Chordsmen, staring in musicals, and singing with Fast Track, Dan likes to spend his spare time …….oh never mind, he doesn’t have any spare time.

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