Hire the North Country Chordsmen For Your Next Event

Tux picture of NCCThe North Country Chordsmen enjoy performing their craft, and are available all year.

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Our annual show is usually in late September, and in addition to our full group, features many of our subgroup quartets, guest quartets, as well as a featured well known quartet.

The National Anthem is performed for events at any time, and we usually perform it for at least one Dartmouth Hockey game a season.

Our Singing Valentines are always very popular.  

Christmas time is very busy as we do a number of performances including an outdoor performance at the “Hanover Park” building in Hanover, the Big Combined Chorus Concert (BCCC), and one night, we divide into two groups and each group visits several Retirement Centers in New Hampshire and Vermont.

A number of times during the year we provide inspirational music for various church services including funerals. This usually includes at a minimum “Amazing Grace” during the service, and a novelty tune “Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven” as a postlude after the benediction.

We try to go to two Barbershop Contests annually, one in the spring, and one in the fall.

Neighborhood and social groups regularly have us performing at various times during the year.  A typical gig lasts 15 to 45 mins, with performances from the chorus and/or quartets interspersed with “clean humor.” 

As you can see, we are available all year and enjoy performing, so please consider us or one of our quartets the next time you would like some entertainment. Just call us toll-free at (888) 293-9191.


See our Calendar for exact dates.

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